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Nov 08 2011

Celebrating 25 Years Of MAGIC!

Do you remember when you took a field trip into Arnold’s stomach? How about when your class drilled into the center of the earth to learn about metamorphic rocks? Do you pass a yellow school bus and wonder if it’s capable of growing wings? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you must be a graduate of Ms. Frizzle’s class!

Since 1986, Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen’s Magic School Bus® series has awakened the scientist within all of us – and here at Scholastic, we’re celebrating 25 years on the coolest school bus around! With more than 58 million books in print, a beloved television show, and an interactive app, this quirky red-headed teacher and her class of explorers are sure to inspire children to investigate the world around them for years to come.

With this in mind, I’d like to recommend some exciting (and free!) classroom activities to share with your students in celebration of all things Friz!

1. Throw a Magic School Bus ®-themed party:

We’ve created corresponding classroom party kits for both The Magic School Bus: Inside a Hurricane and The Magic School Bus Explores the Senses. Kits include printable invitations, decorations, name tags, and coloring sheets – as well as plans for scientific experiments and games!

2. Supplement your curriculum with Magic School Bus ®-inspired activities:

From photosynthesis, to archeology, to chemistry, to tidal zones – with over fifty activity ideas, you’re sure to find the perfect projects to enhance your science lessons!

3. Read The Magic School Bus and the Climate Change, and take a virtual field trip to the Liberty Science Center with Ms. Frizzle:

On Earth Day, Ms. Frizzle and 4 students visited the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ. Watch a recap of the live webcast – featuring facts about climate change, a tour of an exhibition, and a Q&A with Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen – then follow up with these climate-themed worksheets!

4. Inspire students to investigate:

Encourage your students to explore the world around them with Ms. Frizzle’s favorite hands-on experiments! Create a rainbow, categorize fossils, or twist up a tornado – these activities can be performed in-class or at home to awaken the inner scientist in each of your students!

5. Help your students learn – while playing:

We’ve put together a whole “busload” of scientific fun for your students to enjoy! Kids can play one of seven interactive games – such as the Space Chase or Monster Bugs, or test their knowledge on dinosaurs, marine life, and more through eight pop quizzes. Check in with Ms Frizzle for some science news, or print coloring pages to create an original illustration.

“Seatbelts, everyone!” – Planning on celebrating with your students? Have a story about your own experiences with Ms. Frizzle and the gang? I’d love to hear from you! Leave your thoughts in the comments, and in the words of Ms. Frizzle…“Take chances! Make mistakes! Get Messy!”

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