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Feb 01 2011

We <3 Reading!

It’s that time of year – heart-shaped candy boxes are lining the shelves, roses are in high demand, and love is in the air. At Scholastic Book Clubs, we are celebrating the season by sharing the books that helped us fall in love – with reading!

Everyone has those books – the ones with broken spines and dog-eared pages from being read and enjoyed over and over and over again. Now you can share your beloved book choices with the world!

As part of the “Read Every Day, Lead a Better Life” global literacy campaign, Scholastic has launched a place for readers from all over the world to connect with each other through a shared love of books.

Teachers, parents, and students (who have a separate community from adults) are invited to sign up, create and share their “Bookprint” – a list of the five books which helped shape their lives and have special meaning. A Bookprint serves as a means of visually connecting with other book-lovers, discovering new titles, and interacting with a global community of readers!

Featuring grade-appropriate teaching guides, the Bookprints of more than 165 famous reading role models (Bet you didn’t know Bill Gates loves The Hunger Games!), and a “Pass it On” recommendation feature, is a valuable (and FREE) resource to help your students fall in love with books!  What better valentine is there than exchanging a favorite read with your classmates?

With millions of books in the world, which five would you choose?

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