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Oct 01 2010

Read every day — help create a national flyer

You know what reading every day can do for your students and so do we—but what about your students’ parents? Do they understand?

The statistics make it clear. Reading at least 20 minutes a day can change the course of a child’s life and make things that might never have been possible—possible. But statistics and figures only go so far when you’re really trying to get someone’s attention. We think a few heart-felt, from-the-trenches words from the people who know how our children learn best of all—you—might be the most effective tool we could create.

So, will you take a minute to write the one or two sentences you would like every parent to hear about why it matters so much that their children read every day?

Speak from your heart and your experience. Using the responses we get from all over the country, we will create a one-page flyer that you can post in your room, send home with your students, or use however you see fit.

We’ll post it here in the next few weeks.

21 Responses

  1. Mary Falero

    Turn off the TV and take an adventure in imagination with your child. Reading with your child can open doors they never knew they could open.

  2. Mary Falero

    Turn off the TV and have an adventure in imagination with your child. Help them open doors they never knew they could by reading with them every day!

    (My 8yr old reads to me and his 4 mo sister every day and its my favorite time of day!)

  3. Terry Canning

    Reading is a means by which a child can get to know the world and all it’s wonderful facets. When reading becomes a positive part of a family or a classroom, its impact is even greater because parents and teachers are the role models to whom children look for guidance and want to emulate most.

  4. Daily reading brings so much to a child’s life. The power of a great book is immeasurable – it can open a child’s mind or heart in a way few things can.

  5. Natasha

    Read to Yourself
    Read to Others
    Learn and Grow

  6. Natasha

    Read to me
    Read to you
    Read until your face turns blue.

  7. Cara Fitton

    Reading together as a family. It not only improves reading skills and opens new worlds it brings you together as a family.

  8. Kelly Peters

    Reading is looking at pictures, reading is putting a puzzle together, reading is a great story, facts, the weather, the ingredients. Reading is singing and learning to dance. Reading can make you feel better. Reading is math, science, vocabulary, music, physical education and writing. Reading is learning!! Reading is everything!

  9. Elizabeth

    I like to remind my students that they need to see a word 40 times before their brain can remember it. So each time you re-read a book, you are making your brain GROW!!!

  10. Cheryl

    Why not see the world while reading a book?
    Reading makes your world and family grow!

  11. Heather

    Reading together creates a strong bond with your family. Reading to your child opens whole worlds of adventure and understanding of others for your child.

  12. You are your child’s first teacher. Reading to your child everyday is the best way to promote a culture of reading in your home. Model a love of reading to develop young readers!

  13. Linda Erickson

    There is nothing more exciting for a five or six year old than recognizing and being able to read real words.Those first few stumbling sentences start to become more fluid,more expressive,and then….the adventures begin!

  14. Karen

    Daily reading opens the world to your child. Kids who read are the kids who succeed.

  15. Rebecca Fuhrman

    Show your child the world…by reading to them every day you let then know that anything is possible.

  16. Jodi Gast

    Young children who are learning to read need to hear the unique language of books. They need to hear it over and over. Read to your child and in time your child will read to you.

  17. Jodi Gast

    Want something to do with your family? Something that doesn’t require money but pays you back tenfold. Something that doesn’t require transportation but takes you faraway. Visit your local library. Read with your child everyday.

  18. Cheryl W

    Read to your child every day – even if it is the same story over and over – let your child choose the books to read and you will never regret that time with them – even if you are so tired you can’t read – please take the time.

  19. Deb

    Sharing a book with your child not only builds a bond and memories, it is giving them a tool that will help them become the best that they can be!

  20. Melissa

    Celebrate reading with your child and open up a world of knowledge and imagination for you both to share with the world.

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